Other payments

buying scotcoinAlternative payment methods for Scotcoin

If you do not have a PayPal address, or you simply prefer to pay via another method, you can still purchase Scotcoin.  We aim to guide you through the process and make buying and using cryptocurrency as easy as possible.

Buying Scotcoin via Bank Transfer (BACS)

  1. Set up a Counterparty aware wallet.
  2. You can simply make a direct BACS payment to: The Scotcoin Project CIC, sort code: 80-46-95 account number: 11735361
  3. Please EMAIL US when you have made the payment giving us your name, email address, wallet address and how many Scotcoin you are paying for to [email protected]
  4. We will transfer the Scotcoin directly into your wallet.

Buying Scotcoin via Bitcoinbitcoin

  1. If you already hold Bitcoin, you can pay us in Bitcoin as long as your receiving wallet is Counterparty aware.
  2. Please send your Bitcoin payment to our Scotcoin Project CIC wallet: 1FGiAefeGbRarJHa8oDJw1ut7tezJ5BFsL
  3. Email us when you have made the payment to [email protected] with your name, email address, wallet address and how many Scotcoin you are paying for.

Transaction fees in Scotcoin

If you only want to hold your Scotcoin, you do not need to have anything else in your wallet. But please be aware that in order to make a transaction with Scotcoin, it is necessary to have a small amount of Bitcoin in your wallet to cover the miner’s fees.

When we migrate from the present Scotcoin on Counterparty to our new Version 3, you will require a tiny amount of Bitcoin in order to forward your existing Scotcoin to exchange them for V3. You can purchase Bitcoin from our partners at CEX.io